Group of diverse individuals

Running Your Race

Learn to witness your way

“I’m 76 years old. I came on Running Your Race to discover what God wanted me to do next.”

“Running Your Race gave me a practical plan to reach out to my colleagues and neighbours that fits my life, interests and personality.”

“Running Your Race helped me realise I was called into prison visiting. Having trained I now work with The Prison Fellowship.”

“Richard didn’t just teach us that mission matters, but what matters about mission.”


  • Explore your True Calling.
  • Your Personal Mission Strategy.
  • Mission at the heart of church.
  • Plan your Next Steps.

Rev Richard Hardy

 Rev Richard Hardy

“Richard helped us to engage with our own stories, in such a way that brought us hope and empowered us to bring the message of hope to others.”

S Percey, Attendee Running Your Race

Richard is Director of The Entheos Trust and a Baptist Union Minister. He has inspired church members to find their own way to witness that is natural and effective.


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