Mission Consultancy

Want to take steps forward in Mission?

Mission consultancy helps churches think through the opportunities to reach their community.

No two churches or communities are alike, as a consequence the most effective support and consultancy needs to be tailored to your needs. We are convinced that a one-size-fits-all approach is not the way that God chooses to work – ever!

The Entheos Trust therefore aims to meet with you and your leadership to work through the stages that will enable you to discover God’s one-of-a-kind calling for your church.

Mission Consultancy Process

Richard Hardy helped develop the Baptist Union's “Mission Consultancy Programme”. This process uses material over a three month period, to help churches understand their communities and develop an action plan. An external person comes alongside to to be available for advice in implementing the action plan over the following year. There is a partnership between the church and the consultant to try and discern the way forward for a particular church at a given moment in time, to move forward in mission.

In recent years, Richard worked for “Care for the Family”, on the “Engage initiative”, helping many church leaders to develop mission and outreach opportunities to their communities.

A Day's Consultancy

“I'm still buzzing about the day. Richard helped us see the possibilities that could be achieved without making it seem like a distant dream. He offered clear, practical and helpful insights that will make a difference to our ministry.”

Phil Creighton, Baptist Men’s Movement


We would love to walk with your church through the process of mission consultancy.